Our customers run in different ventures, such as healthcare, warehousing and distribution, financial services and legal services. Our services are completely customizable because we understand that each customer is unique.

When using system support by Applied Network Technology, you get the best of services to keep up your day to day running your business. We offer software and hardware upgrades to your current systems, install firewall security to block threats and antiviral protection to remove any threat that could have gotten into the system. We also have remote and on-site support to always protect what means the most, your business.

Preventive System Maintenance

Preventive System Maintenance offers our clients continual, reliable support for a simple monthly fee. It eliminates the frustration, panic and irretrievable lost time associated with traditional fix-the-problem IT service models. In the managed services model the monthly fee includes a suite of services, typically 24x7 monitoring of your systems, remote support, onsite support and administrative services as well as a simple software or hardware upgrade. Applied Network Technology will monitor your systems, alert you to problems and fix them before they disrupt your work day. Essentially, the managed service plan offers everything you need to ensure a smooth, reliable network, and workplace.

Network Maintenance

Networks require constant attention and maintenance to optimize their capabilities. Applied Network Technology understands that most network downtime issues are preventable. That is why Applied Network Technology offers Network Maintenance programs that provide the attentive expertise required maintaining the highest levels of network performance. As networks become more complex, the specialized skills required to properly manage and maintain them become more difficult to acquire and retain. Instead of constantly looking for qualified "in house" resources to provide IT services, outsourcing IT support and management services has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Reactive Support

Applied Network Technology recognizes the need for on-call emergency services to support your business schedule. Applied Network Technology’ reactive support program will make these resources available at the request of our clients and can be available remotely or onsite.