Your technology needs are unique, and that’s why our project solutions are too. We develop custom solutions to meet your exact needs, with no inflated costs or unnecessary services in order to save you the time and money.

Whether you need a massive deployment, a simple one-time service call or a multi-year engagement, the successful implementation of a technology solution is achieved by methodically following a tried and true process.

Planning & Implementation

At Applied Network Technology, we follow a “Support Services Cycle”. We fully understand our clients’ needs at the outset, allowing them to select the most cost-effective plan. The Support Services Cycle begins with a thorough understanding of what your business objectives are. We will then define your needs and propose a solution that best fits you. With the total cost analyzed, we’ll implement the plan. After it is complete, its performance will be evaluated and continued to be monitored to ensure that it is continuing to deliver the results and value to your business that was anticipated.


With our networking service, we can come in and setup an entire server network for your business. This would include the server installation and setup, running the wires and cables to each workstation. Network setup would also in the setup and configuration of any router and switches. Along with the physical installation of a server we can add Microsoft Exchange to setup a virtual mail server so your employees can have unified messaging, shared calendars and access to both an online web email app and on a mobile smartphone. This can help increase productivity, improve communications and be an efficient solution for your business.


We will come in and work with you to determine your needs. Whether it is a complete office overhaul with new computers and printers for each of your employees, a single workstation setup or just a simple software install or hardware upgrade, we will fit your needs to our services.